What Guides your Search for a Massage Therapy College?

If you are looking forward to be a successful masseuse in Melbourne, then you must have the right skills to deliver satisfactorily. With several colleges offering massage therapy courses in the city, you might be wondering, which to choose.  This is because to perform exceptionally, you must attend training in an institution which is famous in delivering quality and accredited courses. Choosing a worthy college for your massage therapy training does not have to be a nightmare. You can make it easy if you follow the guidelines below to the letter.

Massage Therapy Course

The courses offered

Depending on your reasons for enrolling for a massage therapy course, you should establish whether the institution offers what you need. For instance, does it provide relaxation and sport massage courses among others? It depends on you to choose the package which suits your interests.

Years in business

You certainly do not want to work with a novice.  Hence, look for a massage-therapy training institution which has been in business for long. The more years they have been in operation, the greater the work experience. If you are in Melbourne, Australia, you can benefit a lot from the vast experience that an institution like Sage Massage has gathered since its inception. They are popular for offering some of the most professionalmassage therapy courses throughout Australia.

Terms of study

With the busy lifestyles people are having today, it is almost impossible to study full time. You should put this in consideration when you are selecting a college.  Look for a campus which allows you to learn on flexible terms like during the holidays and the evenings. When you are looking for flexibility, Sage is your ultimate solution. It offers massage therapy courses for part-time or full-time students.


It is one thing to get massage therapy training; it is quite another to be licensed to work across Melbourne. Hence, you need to ensure the institution that you are choosing has been accredited by the relevant authorities. For example, Sage is one of the most popular in massage training providers fully accredited by Australian Skills Quality Authority and it is also a Registered Training Organization. What this means is that your training will be nationally recognizable once you start practicing.

Free induction practices

You understand how important it is to have work experience in Melbourne. It is also a challenge to find a place where you can get your first experience. While there are several colleges offering massage therapy courses in the area, only a few offer field practices for some hands-on experience. Picking an institution with such a package will exempt you from hustling for an attachment elsewhere. That is why you should enroll in a training program with a field-training aspect. Sage, for example, has two student massage clinics in Melbourne as well as Elsternwick. All their students are given an opportunity to practice their skills in a real massage parlor thus preparing them for excellent service delivery throughout Australia and beyond.

Pool of expertise

Another important consideration to make when selecting a college for massage training is expertise. Look out for an institution which has skilled and experienced instructors.

If you want to create a niche in massage services industry, start by joining the best college. The only college in Melbourne which meets the above conditions is Sage. Enroll today and start your journey of becoming a much sought-after masseuse.

Post Author: Shayne