Get Married Without Going Bankrupt! Here’s How

Who says weddings should be extravagant? With the right touches and a few bucks, you can definitely have a one of a kind wedding at a fraction of a cost. Just like everything else, all you need is the perfect timing, the best wedding venues and the right people to help you pull off a budget-friendly wedding.

We have compiled a list to help make your wedding a success without going bankrupt. Here’s how:

1. Be Open to Ideas. As a bride, it is so easy to get carried away with wedding reception ideas you can find online. While they are good, not all of them are budget-friendly. It is wise to consult wedding planners so you will still stick to your budget without compromising the important details of your wedding. Before booking on a reception venue, prepare a list of best wedding venues in your area and make a comparison.

2. Take Advantage of Your Yard. If your family or relatives have a huge backyard, you can request to have your wedding outdoors. Memorable weddings are those that are held in a familiar place, like a yard or a well-manicured lawn. You already have an existing backdrop and a beautiful landscape. Other elements like string lights, tables and chairs can be brought in or borrowed at an affordable cost. If you want an indoor and more private occasion, you can rent a venue or function room with spectacular floor to ceiling windows so you can still bring the outdoors in.

3. Go DIY. If you have the skill and creativity, you can put it to good use. You can make your own invitations and wedding favours to save on cost. You can even pick one of the best wedding venues in your area and decorate it on your own, with the help of your bride’s maids. It will be more memorable knowing the people close to you contributed to the success of the occasion. No need to spend money by hiring wedding decorators when you and your friends can do it.

4. Rent Instead of Buying a Wedding Dress. Some people go to great lengths just to buy their own wedding dresses. There’s nothing wrong with this tradition. But if you are a practical bride, you can rent a wedding gown or buy a secondhand one to save on cost. After all, you will only wear your wedding gown once so why spend a fortune on it?

5. Hold the Ceremony and Reception in One Area. This is a great way to save on cost. No need to ferry your guests to the reception venue if the ceremony and reception are held in one place. There are Yarra Valley function venues that can also double as wedding reception venues. Just be sure to ask in advance before booking the venue.

6. Never Compromise Good Food. You can scrimp on other details but be sure not to cut cost on food. This is what your guests will talk about for years to come. Choose wedding reception packages from a trusted function and events company that also offers Australian cuisine in a laidback environment, overlooking the skyline.

The above are a few practical ideas to help you save on cost without compromising your ideal wedding. Your wedding should not only focus on the decors, the guest list and the food. Most importantly, it is about you and your groom’s journey to the beginning of your life together. If you are looking for cheap wedding function venues, visit for more details.