Jobs in Funeral Services: What are the Possibilities

You will be quite surprised to know that of the 147,098 deaths in 2012 in Australia, 320 individuals were from some other country, and they came to visit Australia, 45,393 people were overseas-born Australians, and 101,385 people were born in the country. This is according to’s report. It is also found that those Australian males who have been born in Ukraine have the highest median age of death that accounted to 87.8 years and is followed by Poland with a median death age of 87.3 years, Estonia with 87.2 years and Lithuania with 87.2 years. In fact, those men who were a resident of Australia born overseas had a much greater life expectancy amounting to 79.8 years compared with those men who were born in Australia accounting to 78.0 years. But in the case of females, both these figures are quite comparable as the ones who were born in the country had a median death age of 84.7 years while those born overseas had about 84.6 years. Regardless of the age of the death of a person, the role of the Funeral Directors in Perth can never be overlooked in terms of the empathetic service they provide.

Given the expense of funerals, a career in funeral services might be a great option. This article will answer some of the basic questions regarding a career in this field. First of all, the duties of funeral service workers and the qualities required are discussed below:

  • The individual should have good communication skills, as offering comfort and counselling the family and friends of the deceased are their duties.
  • Arrangements for the removal of the corpse are required to be made by the funeral directors.
  • Preparation of the body for a burial or cremation is to be done. The body of the deceased is generally required to be embalmed for burials.
  • Filing the death certificate and taking care of all the legal documents is to be taken care of by the funeral service worker.
  • Another important work would be to train the junior staff about the requirements of the funerals.
  • The funeral service worker is required to help in determining the location, date, time of the wakes, burial service or cremations.
  • Helping the family decide if the body of the deceased should be buried or cremated or entombed.
  • Another important job is to help the families cope with the loss by giving information on support groups.

The services for a funeral generally take place in the places of worship, crematories, grave sites, or in social centres if preferred by the families. The funeral directors in Perth generally work in a funeral home office. Funeral service workers are generally segregated into two categories namely funeral managers and funeral directors.

  • A funeral manager looks after the general operations and performs a wide range of tasks like planning the funeral, allocating the resources required for the funeral, managing the staff, managing public relations, etc.
  • A funeral director is involved in the business of rites for a funeral. The work they do includes embalming and burial of the deceased or cremation of the same and planning the funeral ceremony. Embalming is a process of conserving the body temporarily for the viewing of the family and friends of the deceased during the final ceremonies. Also they take care of many administrative duties like pensions, annuities, insurance policies on behalf of the family of the deceased. There are numerous competent funeral directors in Perth that carry out all the required services.

In order to become a worker in funeral services, the typical education required is an associate’s degree in funeral service or mortuary science. Training for funeral directors lasts for one to three years under a licensed manager or director.

Post Author: Shayne