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    Multimedia Lessons

    Lesson Series 37: Kwangju: People’s Perseverance in Seeking Justice

    To view the MULTIMEDIA VERSION of Lesson Series 37 you will require Macromedia Shockwave Player, and QuickTime.

    The multimedia lesson is also available as a CD, which also includes 'The May 18 Kwangju Democratic Uprising', a documentary by the May 18 History Compilation Committee of Kwangju Citizens. To order this CD, click here.

    Click here to download the lesson in PDF Format.

    The Lessons

    This is the second lesson series on the Kwangju uprising of May 1980. While the first series (Lesson series 36) focused on the specific events of the uprising, this second series examines the impact of the uprising on Kwangju and South Korea until the present day.

    Lesson 1: The struggle of Kwangju people from 1980-1995

    Lesson 2: Discussion of the implications of Kwangju


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