What Are the Basic Rights that Everyone Has

ruralEver since 1948 since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been adopted, there was created a unified understanding about how people are supposed to be treated. Even if the Declaration has been around for many years, it’s important to let people know what their rights are, because even if they hear the term, not everyone can define or even say about them.

It’s not just about the rights that are present in different laws, like things that you’re allowed to do and things that you are forbidden to do. The “rights” that are stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are about the things that you are allowed to do, to be or to have by the simple fact that you are human. Everyone has some basic human rights based on this declaration, so let’s see some of these rights.


Freedom and Equality

Everyone is born free and equal, even if people have different ideas and thoughts. This is one very good reason why everyone should be treated in the same way, without discrimination, and this is the base for another of your rights.

No Discrimination

Human-Rights-LogoBecause everyone is entitled to be free and equal, you are not supposed to be discriminated and neither can you discriminate others, no matter who or what they are. These are rights that everyone has, without thinking about their backgrounds or personal history, and no matter what differences there are between people.

This is one of the rights that seldom create lawsuits, because not everyone understands that people should be treated equally, and those who are smart enough or who can afford it can start their own personal fight against those who don’t respect these rights.

The Right to Life

This is the most important right that everyone has. Nobody is above this law, and every life is important. Even if there are certain situations when a life can be taken, this happens only in several countries of the world and it is usually a punishment for a very hard crime. Otherwise, taking a life is forbidden and it represents the worst crime than anyone can commit. Because of this, everyone has the right to live in safety and freedom and there are different laws that protect the life and fight the threats that could appear.

No Slavery

There has been a long time since slavery has been forbidden, and ever since the Declaration, people all over the world are fighting those who don’t understand that this is a very bad thing. Slavery is the worst condition that someone could go through and it is in direct contradiction with the rest of the rights – to live freely and safely.

Everyone Is Protected by the Law

20244%20-%20logo-human-rightsThe Declaration says that the law is the same for everyone, or better said, the punishment should be the same for everyone for the same crime, no matter their background or their power. That’s one of the reasons why there are organizations that try to fight the corruption that exists within certain law system, when some people are favored because of their money or because they are a public figure.

No Unfair Detainment

There is one right that is very important for everyone – it states that you can’t be imprisoned if there isn’t a good reason to do so. Nobody can be kept in prison if the reason is not good enough and also nobody can be sent away from their own country.